Viola's House | A Maternity Home for Homeless Teenagers

Viola’s House, Inc. was established in honor of Viola Paris.

The inspiration behind the name Viola’s House is that of one special individual, Viola Paris.

Viola Paris was the godmother of the Founder and guided her during her troubled teen years. She taught her how to cook, maintain a home, but most importantly, she showed the troubled teen, through her actions, how to be the best mother possible to her daughter. When faced with an unplanned pregnancy at the age of 17, Viola was the confidant who guided Thana through her pregnancy.

Viola Paris was healed from years of sickness in August 2012 when God called her home to rest. Her legacy will live on through the countless troubled teens and unwed mothers who will receive the same love and guidance that Viola showed Thana.

Viola is our angel who will forever watch over us from heaven. Viola Paris is the wind beneath the wings of our program.